Midnight Iguana | Laser Free Tattoo Removal
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All tattoo removals require a 50% non-refundable deposit to book an appointment (which will come off the price of the tattoo removal session). We ask that you give 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule an appointment, otherwise failure to appear for a confirmed appointment will result in forfeiture of the deposit to compensate for the cost of set-up and sterilization.

Using micropigmentation coil-machines, a Certified Micropigment Implantation Technician will carefully work the 123 Tattoo Free® solution into the Dermal layer of the tattooed area. This special three-ponged microneedling procedure forces the solution under the tattoo pigment while also removing the upper layer of skin. This creates a two-fold function that your body will biologically begin to process.


The body’s natural reaction is to repair the damaged skin and will begin sending what it needs to create new skin cells to the damaged skin area. As your new skin cells begin to form, a scabbing effect occurs… this scabbing is the key to the tattoo removal process.


As the new cells begin to gather and join on the surface, the specially formulated 123 Tattoo Free® solution exfoliates and lifts the tattoo ink to the surface. The micropigment ink particles then become trapped inside the scab as it grows.

DAY 12

New skin cells continue to generate, and as the scab thickens, more and more ink is trapped under the surface. The process ensures ink extraction because the scabbing actually grows around the ink pigments, locking them inside the scab as the 123 Tattoo Free® solution continues to exfoliate.

DAY 16

After about two weeks, the scab will begin to come away from the skin naturally. It is important to remember not to rush this stage by peeling the scab off yourself, the longer it is left on, the more ink pigments it will collect. Continue to gently keep the full scab in place, keep the area clean, treat with Iodine at least three times daily to prevent infection, and the use of salt water on the treated area can soothe sore skin and help to alleviate any itching.

DAY 23

After the scab as come off completely on its own, the treated area will appear dry and flaky, and is normally very pink with new skin. The pink will heal over time as melanin is collected from sunlight. Melanin is what gives your skin its color and is derived from UV rays. Using hydrating lotions made with vitamins A, C, D, and E can speed up this process by allowing the skin to increase UV ray absorption and processing rates.

DAY 28

The final stage of the healing process concerns the top layer of skin, the epidermis. It collects melanin to restore pigment color, smooths the treated surface, and rejuvenates the area to return to its natural state before the tattoo. At this point, no further care is needed. However, continuing the use of vitamin infused lotions is always a good idea.

DAY 34

Once the area has been completely healed, you will notice a remarkable difference. Some of our clients have experienced a full tattoo removal in just one session, with most averaging between 50% - 80% of a tattoo under 6 square inches removed per procedure.