Midnight Iguana | Frequently Asked Questions
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The tattoo stencil is placed on the desired location of the body to give both the client and the artist a representation of the finished product.



The area is prepped before the stencil is transferred to the client’s skin by cleaning the location and carefully shaving any body hair.



The artist will begin tattooing the area by expertly tracing the outline of the transferred stencil using specialized tattoo needles specifically made for fine lines.



The last step in the tattoo, the artist uses tattoo needles made for covering a wider area than lining needles to color and/or shade the inner portion of the tattoo.



After every session, the artist will clean the tattooed area using a gentle antibacterial soap, apply a layer of medicinal antibacterial ointment for protection, and then bandage the tattoo. You will receive home aftercare instructions that will detail how to care for your new tattoo, including what to use during the healing process to avoid possible infection and tips to help reduce the amount of ink loss. (Ink pigment loss is completely normal, your body will unavoidably “push out” a small amount of ink during the natural healing process.)


The decision to get a tattoo is a big one – particularly if it’s your first; you might have questions about selecting tattoo designs, the best location on your body, how much it will cost, and what measures are taken to provide you with the utmost in safety. Here are some of the most asked FAQs that may help you through the process and make the right tattoo decision for you!

Are tattoos safe?

Yes, tattoos and piercings are safe, as long as each artist and the entire studio strictly adheres to Universal precautions and Blood Borne Pathogen Safety. You can be assured that Midnight Iguana Tattoo requires each artist to hold client safety as the first and foremost priority. We have the highest level of sterilization possible and go well beyond all Athens-Clarke County local health codes and laws. We do have a consent/waiver form which identifies certain instances when it would not be appropriate for an individual to receive tattoo or piercing, but these are rare instances, such as pregnancy and certain blood disorders.

Does it hurt?

Yes it hurts. But, there are lots of people walking around with tattoos and piercings so it’s not unbearable. There are many sensations used to describe it depending on each person and what area is being worked on. Some people even like it!

How can I get a price estimate for a tattoo I want?

It is difficult to determine what you may want from a quick phone call or email due to the fact that there are many variables when it comes to price, such as size, detail, placement, etc. We strive to give our clients the best results and believe that is preceded by good communication. For this reason, we do not accept appointments for tattoos without a consultation. Some pieces cannot be completed in one sitting. You will be given a quote once you meet with the artist and go over the details of what you want. Remember though, if another studio is willing do your tattoo super cheap BEWARE! You really do get what you pay for and this is going to be on you forever. If you do go for the super cheap shop see question on fixing a bad tattoo!



Can I bring my own design?

Yes. This tattoo will be on you permanently so we want to be sure you are totally happy. Bring anything you think might help to capture exactly what you’re looking for your tattoo to reflect. We also have plenty of reference books available for ideas. No matter whether you know exactly what you want or don’t have a clue, we will always work with you to design a custom piece of art that you will love.

Do you do tattoo cover-ups?

Our artists can usually cover up or fix most tattoos so you would never even know they were ever there- even really bad ones. We are always honest though. If we don’t think it can be successfully covered we will let you know. In which case, we will work with you on what options you do have so you will ultimately be happy, including our very own unique laser free tattoo removal process. We never do a tattoo just to make a buck. This is a really good group of artists who take tremendous pride in their work and art. Be assured that the artwork on your body and how you feel about it is a reflection on them – meaning your satisfaction is VERY important!

Can you remove a tattoo?

Yes! We have a revolutionary method of laser free tattoo removal that has been through 7 years of development and 15 years of clinical trials. We can remove most average size tattoos (under 8 inches) in as little as three sessions using our exclusive bio friendly solution, and for far, far less than the cost of traditional laser tattoo removals. This method has been proven to work on any age tattoo, regardless of the type or color of ink pigment used.



Do I need to set up an appointment or can I walk in?

You can call (706)549-0190 after 12PM and ask about scheduling a consultation or follow the link below. We do allow walk-ins daily, and operate on a first come, first serve basis, so please be prepared to wait. We highly suggest a scheduled consultation to avoid waiting. A consultation is a meeting with a trained artist to discuss your tattoo needs. This is at no cost to you. If after the consultation you would like to book a confirmed appointment for a tattoo, you will be required to place a $60 – $100 non-refundable deposit down (depending on the size and scope of your desired design), which will be subtracted from the total cost of the tattoo and guarantees a day and time worked out between you and your selected artist without having to wait in line.




You must be 18 years or older for a tattoo or piercing due to Athens-Clarke County local health rules and regulations. We are strict in our requirements to ensure proper age! Which means for any tattoo or piercing, you must present a valid driver’s license or current state photo ID, which by law, must be photocopied. You must also read and sign a waiver/ consent form. Before an appointment is scheduled, you must first have a free consultation with an artist and then make a deposit to secure your tattoo appointment. Appointment Deposits are NEVER refundable. If less than 48 notice is given for a cancellation, you lose your deposit and must leave another deposit if you wish to reschedule. If you cancel your appointment with more than 48 hours notice, you may apply your deposit towards a rescheduled appointment. We NEVER under any circumstances will refund an appointment deposit. We are sorry if this policy causes any inconvenience but is necessary to protect the interests of our artists.




“I am a canvas of my experiences, my story is etched in lines and shading, and you can read it on my arms, my legs, my shoulders, and my stomach.”

Kat Von D

“If people are honest with themselves when they choose a tattoo, the art will represent them better than anything that will ever come out of their mouth. The things that are most important to me are represented in the art that covers my body.”

Troy Holloway

“Believe it or not, some of us have piercings and tattoos and dye our hair because we think it looks pretty, not for any deep sociological reason.”

Alex Bell, The Ninth Circle